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How did you get into modeling and what was your first experience like?
My aunt told me years ago that I should model and I’ve always held on to that . Knowing that I have an unmatchable look to me just makes it more intriguing. My first experience was cheap and scary, but knowing what to expect but willing to do anything to get it done.
Where are you from?
I am from Oakland, CA
What are some of the funniest/craziest experience you’ve encountered as a model?
I’d have to say a snow shoot that I never publish the pictures were terrible and you may never see these pics ever it was freezing.
What’s your idea of the perfect Photo shot and with who?
A perfect photo shot would be something that captures my beauty and personality it’s ustally one or the other for me.
Any talents other than modeling? If so, what are they?
I can sing, dance, do great messages great with hair and I’m a great mom.
How do you balance your personal life and having a modeling career?
With liquor
Who is your favorite music artist and why?
I can never pick a favorite.
What is your favorite attire and why?
Casual bum because I don’t care what people think but I’m also looking to look nice.
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
My attitude I’m such a bitch it makes it hard to keep friends and I always end up alone.
What do you think men or women would say your best feature is and why?
They wound think my best asset is my mind.
If you could give any advice to aspiring models what would it be?
Just be yourself . The girls in the magazines don’t even look like the girls in the magazines
What’s your idea of the perfect date
Throwing money on me and leaving out the room. Romance is completely dead in my book.
What is love to you?
There is no such thing.
OK so What do you think about your first love?
We are still really cool he’s pretty awesome.
We love the images, how was it working with such a talented photographer
Hes patient and always professional as ever.
What’s next for you as a brand and who has been a positive influence in your modeling career?
My mom aunt and sister.
Thank you for your time with Malkia Magazine is there anything more that you would like us to know about you
I’m awesome .

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