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How did you get into modeling and what was your first experience like?
I was stopped by someone who said they were hosting a fashion show and wanted me in it. I’ve always been tall and my whole life I heard “you should model,” — I eventually became addicted to ANTM, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, and other famous models. My first experience was walking a catwalk, I was so nervous but I felt at home on the stage.
Where are you from?
I was born in Memphis, TN but I grew up in Nashville, TN.
What are some of the funniest/craziest experience you’ve encountered as a model?
Funniest experience would be my first photography session. I was nervous as shit but Motelewa makes it a point that his models are fully relaxed and comfortable. Craziest experience was getting those images back, looking at them and being like “Damn, that’s me” lol and I been in love with myself and modeling ever since.
What’s your idea of the perfect Photo shot and with who?
The perfect photo shoot would include hella lights, a drink, some mirrors for in between selfies lol, my best friend KaSean doing my makeup, Motelewa behind the lens — I’m into anything that involves simplistic black art. So maybe a dope ass old Sokol outfit in a black art gallery!
Any talents other than modeling? If so, what are they?
I enjoy writing and reading poetry. I do enjoy doing hair, at least my own lol, it’s another way I express myself. I’m also into crime shows/podcasts, anything that lets me dabble into my investigative side — weird fact; I actually went to college to be a homicide detective.
How do you balance your personal life and having a modeling career?
Honestly it’s difficult…especially since I’m not a well known model. I have to make it a priority to get my bills paid and to make time for my passion. One of my goals for 2018 and the rest of my life… is to make sure that I don’t get so wrapped up in my “adult life” that I forget what truly makes me happy! So that balance could be taking a few hours out of the day to practice poses, get in some heel time, or even working out to make sure physically I’m there as well!
Who is your favorite music artist and why?
Hard one, I don’t really have favorite artists. Some that I currently listen to is SZA, H.E.R, Smino, Cardi B. I think all of these individuals have very different sounds and the music they put out is very diverse. I listen to them because they’ll different put you in a vibe… and theyre lyrics actually make sense lol.
What is your favorite attire and why?
Since it’s winter, I’m with anything that I can wear over the knee boots with. One of my favorite feature is my legs, so normally anything that shows them off!
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I’ve come to the point in my life where I’m just appreciative of myself. I wouldn’t change anything about me as a whole… I would say that often times I wish I would have pursued trying out for ANTM instead of going straight to college after high school.
What do you think men or women would say your best feature is and why?
It would be between my chest area and my legs! I once read this article that said men are more attracted to the “chest area” of women (that could be wrong but I’m sticking with it) lol. I say legs because being 6’1 I heat a lot about my legs and how good they look.
If you could give any advice to aspiring models what would it be?
To never get discouraged, don’t focus on someone else’s success when trying to reach your goals, and the naked models may be popular but some of them aren’t.. really.. models.
What’s your idea of the perfect date
I’m a Sagittarius, so anything adventurous will get you a second date. I’m not so much into the movies and going out to eat.. I need something different, something with some thought! Take charge, let me know what type of attire is needed for the occasion, and pick me up at a decent time.
What is love to you?
Love is love. It’s happiness, freedom, tranquility, it’s passion… love is limitless! This intangible feeling of greatest. Love is being honest, caring, and understanding. Love is pure…
OK so What do you think about your first love?
I think hindsight is a bitch lol — looking back on it I now know that wasn’t love. He was my first hate…
We love the images, how was it working with such a talented photographer
It was awesome! So happy I met Mo and his wife and kids! The whole damn family is great and that’s what you need… someone so genuine and heartfelt that you won’t ever have to doubt or question their intentions.
What’s next for you as a brand and who has been a positive influence in your modeling career?
Getting my face out there more, working with more artist, expanding my platform. THE biggest influence in my modeling career would be Motelewa Smith. He’s been the biggest motivator in my modeling career!
Thank you for your time with Malkia Magazine is there anything more that you would like us to know about you
Thank you so much for the opportunity and Stay tuned 🙂

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