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[creative photography by Jai S Photography]

How did you get into modeling and what was your first experience like?
My interest for modeling came from photography first. I enjoyed being behind the scenes and holding the camera.
It wasn’t until I was playing dress up for a friends’ online boutique, that I realized the fun of being in front of the flash.
Where are you from?
Born in Nashville Tn. But raised between here and Syracuse Ny.
What are some of the funniest/craziest experience you’ve encountered as a model?
My funniest experience thus far was my first outside shoot, and ofcourse my attire was ‘bare minimum‘.
I think it snowed that week, and I was at an abandoned prison of some sort. Nothing but cold metals and brick!
At one point, I thought I was serving face but it was frozen and stiff .
What’s your idea of the perfect Photo shot and with who?
My idea of a perfect photo shoot is a free flowing one. Where I feel comfortable yet challenged ; and can express my own creativity.
Any talents other than modeling? If so, what are they?
I’m a dancer first. My favorite style is West African and ballet.
How do you balance your personal life and having a modeling career?
Unfortunately I haven’t mastered the art of balance yet!
I seem to engulf myself in one or the other but they always coincide.
Who is your favorite music artist and why?
Currently my favorite artist is SZA. Her tunes match my moods. Something about her music makes me feel rooted and confident in humanity.
What is your favorite attire and why?
My favorite attire is any fitted dress I can slide on.
But lately I’ve been finding myself leggings and an oversized sweater.
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
If I could change one thing, it’d be my shoe size. Little feet get all the cute shoes!
What do you think men or women would say your best feature is and why?
My best feature is my stance. I’m a stallion!
It shows that I’m solid in my truth and assertive.
I did not come to play!

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