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Tyquilla Graham

As this Issue’s Cover Model, how will this Enhance your Career as a Model
Being this issue cover model it will enhance my career as a model by giving me the opportunity for more exposure in this industry and also by boasting my level of confidence to keep working hard!
What aspect(s) of your Life, do you think will benefit from you being published, in Malkia, Brands of Magazine?
Most definitely my personal life. Being published as a model has been my dream since I was 13 years old. Being published in Malkia Magazine has helped me overcome a lot of fears and doubts that I had within myself. I feel so honored!
When your out in public during a photo session, what is/are some the the funniest things that have happened?
I had a photoshoot at the beach just recently and we were located right beside a large family. Of course the men were curious and wanted to watch. One of them had 4-wheeler and my photographer asked could I do a couple pictures on it. Everything was going smoothly until the owner asked could he take a few with me. Well apparently his wife wasn’t having that and she came over screaming to the top of her lungs at him. I was scared for him. Haha! It was by far the most funniest thing. The photographer and I slowly grabbed our things and re-located. We just knew that that guy was sleeping on the couch for the night. Lol
How did you decide on your Model Name, if this isn’t your real name?
My model name is my real name.
What hobbies or activities do you enjoy, outside of being a Model,
I’m a huge tomboy. I play softball mostly every weekend if I’m not shooting. But I also like fishing, basketball, volleyball, riding 4-wheelers and anything that involves getting my hands dirty!
What inspires your body art?
My deceased sister who died from cancer and 2 of my close friends who died in a car accident together. My half sleeve is in remembrance of them and a reminder that I have them with me daily.
When did you start getting tattooed?
When I was 18.
What is your “Type” of Man or Woman, when it comes to a relationship and what “Qualities” do you look for?
My type of man is a down to earth country boy! I love a man that fishes and hunts. A man that can throw on a pair of blue jeans,t-shirt, his favorite hat, and a pair of boots for a date. I don’t like the fancy type that spend more time in the mirror than I do! Lol I look for what kind of manners he has. How he speaks to his mother or elderly people. (That’s important) If he don’t respect his own mother, he will not respect you. Respect and personality are probably the main two qualities I look for in a man.
When you’re out in public and a Fan recognizing you, what is your reaction and how does that make you feel?
The feeling can’t be explained! It’s probably one of the best feelings you could ever feel. My first reaction is hugs. I love hugs. I automatically hug them and give the biggest and brightest smile of appreciation!
Do you prefer one genre of modeling, over others and why?
Fitness modeling because fitness is a very important aspect in my life. I love working out and helping others change and better their lifestyle.
If you were able to run NUDE on a Beach, where would that beach be located?
Most definitely Bora Bora!
What’s left for you to do/try? Is there something you’re itching to do, that you haven’t yet?
Yes, I want to scuba dive with Sharks!
If there is one thing that you could do to propel your career, what would that be?
I would spend more time shooting and building a strong network to help me get to the next level!
How can your new Fans get in contact and stay connect with you, on Social Media?
Facebook- Tyquilla Abdoo
Snapchat- tyquilla
Instagram- tyquillaabdoo

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