A Menswear Expert Shares His Must-Haves and Packing Secrets for a Spring Getaway

A Menswear Expert Shares His Must-Haves and Packing Secrets for a Spring Getaway

  • Phoebe Neuman
APRIL 04, 2017

No matter how excited you are to jet off on a well-deserved spring vacation, deciding what to bring along with you to your tropical getaway or chic city break is always difficult. To help nail down the perfect packing strategy, we turned to Ed Shaikh, co-founder of the Dallas-based, ultra-luxe boutique Hadleigh’s. Shaikh is constantly travelling between the store’s New York City appointment-only penthouse; Dallas; Palm Beach, Fla.; and Europe, and by necessity has packing down to a science. He rarely checks a bag, saying, “over the years I’ve minimized my lifestyle so much that it’s all about functionality and comfort.” But, regardless of bag size, his cardinal rule is to always leave a little bit of room in your suitcase to bring back things you’ve picked up along the way. But when it comes to the things he never leaves home without, keep reading to discover his five essentials.




  • Phoebe Neuman

In addition to always packing a lightweight and weatherproof shell, Shaikh never leaves home without an unlined blazer, saying they are “always a great layering piece for evenings—especially if you are on the coast.” His favorite is a custom design by Cesare Attolini (similar design shown here, $6,695) saying, “It’s the jacket I wear on the plane…it’s like my uniform and is completely soft, so you can easily fold and put it in [your bag].” (hadleighs.com)

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